Sendificate part 1 source files

These are the source files for my custom Portal 2 map, “Sendificate part 1”. You can use these files for sudying how the map works, creating a derivative map or any other purpose, in accordance with the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Unported license.

If you just want to play the map, then check it out on Thinking with Portals or the Steam Portal 2 workshop. Or check out the complete Sendificate series!


Hello world!

Holy crap I have a website. How did that happen? And how did this first post get such a generic title?

Well, there have been countless occasions where I had some thing I made and wanted to show to people and thought “It would be really neat to have my own website for this”. After thinking that for like the hundredth time, it seemed a good idea to go ahead and actually make one. So, after a lot of procrastinating and fussing over tiny unimportant technical details, here it finally is! 🙂

I will start by uploading the source files of my Portal 2 maps here instead of on Dropbox. Then the other Portal (2) related stuff like my custom puzzle maker items and some other things, and we’ll see where it goes from there. (Maybe some mapping or modelling tutorials, or other computer graphics related stuff…)